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We are available to help you educate your child at home. It can be difficult to know what your child should be learning and what materials to use. We can help with both of these things.

We are known for individualizing the curriculum for each student, including yours. That's where we start: with a personalized, short evaluation of where your child is at academically.

Next, we consult with the student and the parents to personalize curriculum even more taking into consideration parent wishes and student interests. We even will help you fill out required home schooling papers for the state.

We meet with the parents/guardians to go over best home teaching practices including set-up of home learning environment if needed.

Then each month we provide you with curriculum and lessons personalized for your child. You will not need to purchase additional materials! Since you will be the main educator, we will discuss the planned curriculum making adjustments where needed.

This is just another way that we here at WCEA, with your help, can provide children a safe learning community so they can excel and become their best self.

Your home school journey begins by

contacting us. We are ready to help you provide a great educational experience for your child.

2022-2023 Home School Fees

Registration: $200.00

Yearly: $2500.00=

  $250.00 per month (August-May)



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