The educators and staff at WCEA are committed to providing the best educational environment possible for our students. 


Elizabeth Earl

Elizabeth is the founder of West Charleston Enrichment Academy. A mother of four children who are very different, she sees the need for an individualized approach to education and building upon the strengths of each student. Elizabeth works in the office handling things like registrations and payments. One of her favorite things to do is to promote WCEA in the community and to potential families. She teaches Bible lessons for the week to alternating classes.


Debbie Kelly, assistant teacher

Miss Debbie has over thirty years experience working with children of all ages having concentrated, however, on early childhood earning her CDA. She currently works in the classroom with the younger students. She serves as our ex-offcio nurse and custodian as well. Miss Debbie is also the resident expert at pulling loose teeth – only upon request! Her diverse love of all things UNLV and Steelers (not to mention the Dodgers and Suns) flows into her love of teaching helping to ensure a unique and quality delivery of our program.

Jared Perry, Assistant Principal and Expansions teacher

Mr. Perry has over ten years of teaching experience with students including those with a variety of learning disabilities. His Bachelor degree is in Special Education, and he has a Masters degree in Educational Leadership. He brings a wealth of knowledge of current teaching methods and use of technology in education.  Mr. Perry makes an impact in the learning that occurs here being a big promoter of our Super 16 and house system. He passionately believes in the philosophy of WCEA. His energy is contagious as he ignites a love of learning in all of our Owl students!


Carolyn Wassell, Principal and Explorations and Foundations teacher

Ms. Wassell is the principal and administrator/liaison of WCEA Academy. She has over thirty years teaching experience and over fifteen years in administration of the Wassell Academy. Born and raised in Las Vegas, she knows first hand the quality and policies of our local schools. She is here because of her desire for something more than the usual educational system for our children. She uses her B.A. in psychology and Masters degree in Education to facilitate the educational program and atmosphere of our school.


Delane Elliot, music





Sensei Josh Johnston, karate

Emily Robinson, Spanish

Señora Emily began to study Spanish as a teenager in middle school in order to communicate with her best friend's mom. She graduated from UNLV with a B.A. in Spanish in 2012. Señora Emily realizes that learning a foreign language does not come easily to everyone. Her goal as a Spanish teacher is to show students that they already know far more Spanish than they think they do, and that making mistakes can even teach you something, if you just keep yourself open to learning.




"Leadership is the capacity to

transform vision into reality."

President, Carolyn Wassell

Secretary, Jared Perry

Treasurer, Elizabeth Earl

The Board is always looking for like-minded individuals to join our team. Board members are passionate about the school and have a vested interest in the operation and continuation of its work and programs. We meet quarterly in the evenings. We need community people who have some experience with finance, fundraising, commercial realty, non-profit leadership, education, and autism to name a few areas. If this appeals to you, please contact Carolyn Wassell at 702-236-8818 to discuss a board position.