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Setting Up for Distance Learning

Distance learning can be somewhat difficult to establish when you take into account that most adults are now working from home as are siblings who are in the education system. Here are some helpful tips to help you navigate the process:

  1. Keep a routine= Try to keep doing the same things you were doing before the change i.e. same time getting up and going to bed, getting ready for school just like before.

  2. Keep a schedule= This may not be easy considering the work and schooling needs of the household. However, controlling the schedule as much as you can will help eliminate unnecessary periods of chaos.

3. Have a set place for your student to work= This will help make learning more of a priority and give your child a place to accomplish needed classwork. Sitting on the bed is not always the most ergonomic or conducive to education.

4. Help your students with their electronic devices if needed= Make sure they can navigate to their Zoom meetings and get to their Google Classroom or Abeka math video lessons if needed. Charge their devices at night.

Our Owls are succeeding in distance learning.

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