Super 16


 1. Life is not fair. Accept and Excel

 2. Present Yourself Professionally; Take Care of your Body

 3. Use Yes Mam, No Sir, Please, and Thank you; Refrain from backtalk

 4. Respect Each Other; Respect Yourself


 5. Introduce Yourself; Shake Hands

 6. No Excuses; Accept Responsibility

 7. Be Positive; Show Excitement for Others

 8. Mind Your Own Business; Keep Your Business to Yourself


  9. Always Be Your Best; Sprint Through the Finish Line

10. Be a Problem Solver; Don't Give Up

11. Make Eye Contact; Track the Speaker; Stand Straight

12. Be Organized; Be Prepared; Be Confident


13. Pick Up After Yourself and Others

14. Show Patience for All; Be Flexible and Go With the Flow

15. Advocate for Yourself

16. Do for the Right Reason, not the Right Reward