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Uniform Dress Code


To order uniforms call Campus Club at (702) 360-0555. Our school code is 1042.

Uniform tops are hunter green, navy, gray, or white with our school logo and can be purchased from Campus Club Uniforms.

All bottoms are navy and include pants, shorts, and skirts/skorts. NAVY LEGGINGS OR TIGHTS MAY BE WORN UNDER SKIRTS; NO SWEAT PANTS OR CARGO POCKETS.

Girls may wear dresses or jumpers with our school logo from   Campus Club.

Any coat or jacket may be worn to school and to p.e., but not in class.

Cardigans in our school colors may be worn in the classroom during cooler months.

Shoes must be solid navy, black, brown,  gray, or white ONLY with no pictures, designs, or lights. Sandals must have a back strap. No boots may be worn as part of the uniform. No heels over 1/4 ".

Visible socks must be navy, gray, white, hunter green, or the student's house color(s).

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