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A Character Building Focus

West Charleston Enrichment Academy is a Christian school. We are non-denominational and have no church affiliation. Our fundamental belief – that every child is special and should be given the opportunity to reach his or her potential – is the motivating factor behind the organization of this school.  Children should know they are loved and have a purpose in this life.

There is a lesson taught each week that pertains to a social-emotional idea to help our students develop the ability to make good choices. We learn with the stories of the Bible, other cultural/religious stories or myths, and literature. Our lessons focus on character building and ethics which enable our students to make good choices in life. 

Enrollment in our school is not restricted to those who are Christian. Throughout the years, we have taught students from every religious background as well as those with no religious affiliation. Belief in a higher being is a personal issue and should not be forced or required. However, we believe that every child can benefit from learning positive principles that can be found in every creed and belief system.

"The faith and virtue that they instill in the children is priceless." 

   — The Viera Family

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