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We Believe!


All of our houses have one thing in common: each name means “we believe”. At WCEA, each house provides a student a safe and secure place where they will always feel accepted and encouraged to be their best. Yet, there is so much more!


Every member of our staff and all of our students are assigned to a house on their first day. Students are presented with a lanyard in their house color after their sorting ceremony. They are encouraged to accessorize with items of their color throughout the school year. The houses are competing for points; there is a House Cup and a huge celebration at the end of the year. Students receive points each day for positive performance and behavior that goes above and beyond.

This year our owl theme is On an Excellent Adventure. We are encouraging each other to achieve our goals, discover our unique path, venture out of our comfort zone, engage in fun activities, nurture brilliance, teach each other, unlock our potential, reach new heights, and embrace individuality.

Your muggle senses may be tingling.  Journey below and research each house. Where do you fit best? Where do you need to improve? We hope all of our Owls meet all of the standards of all of the houses when they are ready to leave WCEA and continue their education!


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